After Hours School Care




Cheraleen Barrett (Director-Qualified Educator)
– ph mob 0411 134 701

We look forward to working with you and your child/ren at our service. This booklet has been designed to answer your everyday questions about our service.

As Director, I am happy to discuss any issues you may have:

  • If I am available during OSHC time.
  • If another staff member is available for children supervision I will hopefully be able to resolve any issues.
  • If for Duty of Care no other staff member available I am happy to make a suitable time outside operating times.

As child care workers we fall under the Legislation which requires Mandatory Consultation and Reporting when indicated. All of our staff are trained in Responding to Child Abuse & Neglect.

Any contributions of food, craft items or suggestions would be most welcome.

Further Information

Philosophy Statement

Our Program has been established with the aim of providing quality child care that meets the needs of Pre school and school children, parents, care providers and the community outside of school hours. The individual needs of each child will be recognised and provided for and we will encourage and nurture the development of each child physically, socially and intellectually by providing a diverse and stimulating program in a warm and caring environment.

We acknowledge that families come from diverse backgrounds and we aim to cater for these differences within our program. Our program will be inclusive to all and will make provision for children and families with special needs. We believe that communication is of the utmost importance in the provision of a quality service and we will actively encourage the participation of parents and guardians in the ongoing development and management of this program.

Management Committee

The role of the management committee is to give support and advise on policies and issues relating to the children, staff, program and facilities. Members include the Principal, a School Governing Council representative, Parent representatives, the Director and Finance Officer. Meetings are held twice each term, please consider Joining the Management Committee and become involved in your child’s Out of School Hours Service.

Location and Opening Hours

The Mt Compass Kidzone (OSHC) program offers Morning School Care from 7.00am—8.45am (Kindy 9.00am) and After School Care from 3.15pm (Kindy 3.00pm) – 6pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

We are also open Pupil Free Days, if there is enough Children booked in. We are located within the Mt Compass Area School in the Trade Training Ctr..Corner Arthur Road and School Road.

OSHC is available from Kindy to 16 years age. After 13 years CCS is no longer paid.

Fees & Payment

$21.00 afternoon session, $11.55 morning session, $28.00 session on early closing days (e.g. last day of term 1,2,3), $35.00 session last day of term 4, $58.00 pupil free days. Accounts are invoiced weekly and need to be paid within 7 days to keep this service viable, overdue accounts will result in your child/ren having their access to this service restricted until full payment is up to date.

Payments can be made at OSHC EFTPOS, cash or Cheque Or QKR! App on your mobile phone.

Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

The new child care package started 2 July 2018 and will be determined by the following.
1. A families combined annual income will determine the percentage of subsidy you will receive.
2. The number of hours of subsidised care families can access, up to a maximum of 100 hours per fortnight, will be based on hours of activity of the parent or guardian with the lowest hours of activity per fortnight.
3. Parents whose hours of paid work vary from one fortnight to the next (such as casual workers) can estimate their fortnightly hours of work based on a three month period.

For information go to

Fee for Late Collection

Children must be collected by 6pm or a late fee will apply. This will be $10.00 for 10 minutes. If you are running late please phone and let OSHC staff know. This fee is not claimed on the Child Care Subsidy.

Vacation Care

Neighbouring Schools (Willunga, Victor Harbor, Port Elliot and Goolwa) offer programmes throughout the school holidays. We will have vacation care programmes available by the end of each term.

Enrolment, Bookings, Cancellations

Enrolment forms are available from the Director of OSHC during operating hours and once completed returned to OSHC. For health and safety reasons it is recommended these be completed and handed back prior to your child/ren using this service.

Bookings can be made by phoning OSHC on 0411 134 701 or in person on the booking form at the service. We are licensed to provide care for 20 children.

Cancellations can be made by ringing OSHC on 0411 134 701. Please ensure this is done to save the stress and time of looking for children who are no longer on the school grounds, and for staffing reasons. There will be a cancellation/absent charge for permanent bookings. You will be signed in as absent and your normal fee for the day will be charged. Your CCS will still be paid to you as you are entitled to absences from Human Services.

Casual bookings, if you do not cancel your booking prior the day of your booking you will be charged as above.

First Aid

If your child becomes unexpectedly ill or injured:

  • staff will administer basic first aid.
  • call an ambulance if needed
  • inform you (or your emergency contacts) if first aid might need follow-up at home or with a doctor
  • Please note – the program is not responsible for ambulance fees.
  • Provision is made on the enrolment form for you to provide the service with any information relating to your child’s health, diet and physical condition.
  • All our staff members hold a current Senior First Aid Certificates, Management of Anaphylaxis & Emergency Management of Asthma.


If you require us to administer medicine to your child/ren, please ask for the appropriate form to be filled out. Medication required three times daily can generally be administered in the home situation. Any mediation should be given to staff in the original container, with full instructions and dosage details. This medication (with the exception of asthma puffers), should NOT be left in the child’s bag.

Behaviour Management

Behaviour management will be consistent with the policies of Mt Compass Area School. Children will be encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and behaviour and find positive ways of dealing with conflict. Respect for staff, other children, and personal and programme property will be encouraged and enforced. How we conduct ourselves and abide by the rules plays an important role in “Duty of Care” and the safety and enjoyment of all of us. The Director has the right to report to the Principal any behaviour deemed inappropriate and which compromises “Duty of Care”. The Management Committee reserve the right to terminate the enrolment of any child if their disruptive behaviour persists, after reasonable efforts have been made to involve the child in a positive manner.

Afternoon Tea/Breakfast

A healthy afternoon tea is provided for the children attending Kidzone at approximately 3.30pm and late snack at 5pm, this is not designed to be a meal and will generally consist of seasonal fruit and vegetables. With the help of interested children we may bake biscuits, cakes, pancakes, toasted sandwiches, pizza etc. which will contribute to afternoon tea.

To contribute to the calcium needs of growing children, a small serve of dairy will be provided, this will consist of cheese, milk or yogurt. Breakfast is also provided for morning sessions A variety of breakfast options are offered.

We also can cater for children with special dietary needs or parents can supply special required food to OSHC.

Daily Activities

We offer a wide range of activities to suit all ages, interests and abilities. Examples include: cooking, board games, construction, art, craft, drama activities, dance, music, sport, imagination play. Outside play is encouraged. We also participate in Active Children are expected to be “Sun Smart”, therefore in keeping with school policy, hats are compulsory for outside play during Term 4 and 1. Therefore NO HAT, NO OUTSIDE PLAY. Sunscreen may be applied by OSHC staff when it is considered appropriate.

All activities are free choice, although we do encourage children to actively participate. On days when only 1 staff member is required it is a requirement that activities are undertaken in general proximity to facilitate the supervision and care of children. Quiet time, and while not enforced, homework supervision is available to all children.

Policies and Procedures

Mount Compass OSHC follow policies & procedures from Department for Education, Mount Compass Area School and specific policies for Mount Compass OSHC. Please see Director if you require any information about these policies and procedures.


School day mornings from 7.00am – 8.45am Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, with cost $8.50 including breakfast

School day afternoons from 3.15pm – 6.00pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday